Now that all the pain is gone,
I just can sing alone..

Not in pain or loneliness,
But self satisfaction and happiness.

I wish I was that smart,
To not brake the pieces of my heart.

I realise I was wrong,
Somethings are better gone..

The time that I wasted on the undeserved,
But now their words will be heard.

Now no more flowing with the stream,
It’s time to live my dream.

Now when people behave like demons,
I’m strong enough to be as sour as lemons.

People will stay never,
But their love will be forever and ever..

Self belief will change everything,
Without confidence you’re nothing.

There were some people who made you suffer,
But now don’t let such situations occur.

Now that all is gone,
I can happily sing alone..


With all the faith inside,
Even in the darkness I rise..

Leaving behind the cowardice,
Being the hero I rise..

Forgetting about my shape and size,
With self love I rise..

In life happiness is the prize,
Realising this I continue to rise..

Awakening my soul and shinning bright,
Filled with love continuing to rise..